Super8 Film Conversion Pricing

Reel Diameter Run-Time Digitized Size Formats Available Sound Available Price
50' 3"/7.6cm 3-4 Min Approx 1GB MP4 / MOV $11.00ea
100' 4"/10.1cm 7-8 Min Approx 1.6GB MP4 / MOV $19.00ea
200' 5"/12.7cm 14-16 Min Approx 3GB MP4 / MOV $28.00ea
300' 6"/12.7cm 21-25 Min Approx 4GB MP4 / MOV $38.00ea
400' 7"/17.8cm 28-32 Min Approx 5.5GB MP4 / MOV $45.00ea

All film orders are subject to a "Film Conversion Fee" of $29. This is for editing and clean up of digital film files plus mounting, transferring and verifying transfer integrity of film to your supplied blank media. This is a Per Order charge, not per film.

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